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You have selected Washington Outpatient Surgery Center (WOSC), a federally recognized Medicare Certified Ambulatory Surgery Center, for your health care services. Your physician may or may not have an ownership interest in the Surgery Center as not all physicians who practice here have an ownership interest. As a patient, you have the right to receive a list of all physician owners in this facility, upon request.

what is an ASC?

ASCs are facilities for surgical patients who do not need to be admitted to the hospital. ASC patients typically arrive for admission, have surgery performed in a full-service operating room with specialized staff, recover safely and quickly from anesthesia and return home within hours of their surgery. Some procedures require patients to stay for several hours to allow nurses to monitor their recovery.

what types of surgeries are performed at ASCs?

Depending on the ASC, the center may specialize in one service line such as plastic surgery or eye care, while other centers may offer multi-specialties such as ear, nose and throat procedures, gynecological procedures, general procedures, orthopedic procedures and podiatry procedures. WOSC is a multi-specialty ASC.

why choose an ASC?

ASCs are on the cutting edge of technology often utilizing the most current surgical innovations with the least invasive techniques allowing patients to return to their normal lifestyle sooner. ASCs are efficient, understanding that everyone’s time is important. Their convenient surgical flow allows you less wait time and less bureaucracy and offers patient-friendly, family-centered environments.

Many ASCs have undergone a rigorous accreditation process performed by an independent accrediting your local ASC. These accreditations may include Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (JCAHO), the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) or the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF).

physician with an ownership interest

Your physician may or may not have an ownership interest in the Surgery Center as not all physicians who practice here have an ownership interest.

List of physician owners

patient rights and responsibilities

This Surgery Center has adopted the following list of Rights and Responsibilities for Patients:

  • Exercise these rights without regard to gender, cultural, economic, educational, or religious background or the source of payment for care.
  • Treated with respect, consideration, and dignity.
  • Provided with appropriate personal privacy, care in a safe setting, and free from all forms of abuse and harassment.
  • Knowledge of the name of the physician who has primary responsibility for coordinating care and the names and professional relationships of other physicians who you will see.
  • Receive information from the physician about your illness, a course of treatment and prospects for recovery in terms that you can understand.
  • Receive as much information from your physician about any proposed treatment or procedure as you may need in order to give informed consent or to refuse this course of treatment. Except in emergencies, this information shall include a description of the procedure or treatment, the medical risks involved in each, and to know the name of the person who will carry out the procedure or treatment.
  • Actively participate in decisions regarding your medical care to the extent permitted by law, this includes the right to refuse treatment or change your primary physician.
  • Disclosures and records are treated confidentially, except when required by law, patients are given the opportunity to approve or refuse their release.
  • Information for the provision of after-hours and emergency care.
  • Information regarding fees for service, payment policies and obligations.
  • The right to decline participation in experimental or trial studies.
  • The right to receive marketing or advertising materials that reflect the services of the Centers in a way which is not misleading.
  • The right to express your concerns and receive a response to inquiries in a timely fashion.
  • The right to self-determination including the right to accept or to refuse treatment and the right to formulate an Advance Directive.
  • The right to know and understand what to expect related to your care and treatment.

What People Say About Us!

Outstanding service from beginning to end. Courteous & profressional staff, clean & pleasant surroundings.

patient responsibilities:

  • Provide complete and accurate information to the best of your ability about your health, any medications, including over-the counter products and dietary supplements and any allergies or sensitivities.
  • Ask for an explanation if you do not understand papers you are asked to sign or anything about your own or your child’s care.
  • Gather as much information as you need to make informed decisions.
  • Be available so sta¬ff can teach you how to care for yourself or your child. We want to share our knowledge with you, but you must be prepared to learn.
  • Follow the care prescribed or recommended for you or your child by the physicians, nurses, and other members of the
  • Respect the rights and privacy of others.
  • Assure the financial obligations associated with your own or your child’s care are fulfilled.
  • Responsible for being respectful of his/her personal property and that of other persons in the Center.
  • Take an active role in ensuring safe patient care. Ask questions or state concerns while in our care. If you don’t understand, ask again.
  • Provide a responsible adult to transport you home from the facility and remain with you for 24 hours, if required by your provider.
  • Inform his/her provider about any living will, medical power of attorney, or other directive that could act his/her care.

patient concerns and/or grievances:

Persons who have a concern or grievance regarding Washington Outpatient Surgery Center, including but not limited to, decisions regarding admission, treatment, discharge, denial of services, quality of services, courtesy of personnel or any other issue are encouraged to contact the Administrator or write a statement to:

Washington Outpatient Surgery Center
2299 Mowry Ave. Fremont CA 94538

Washington Outpatient Surgery Center is Medicare Certified and is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc. Any complaints regarding services provided at the Washington Outpatient Surgery Center can be directed in writing or by telephone to:

Department of Public Health
District Manager
850 Marina Bay Parkway
Richmond, CA 94804-6403
(510) 307-8409


5250 Old Orchard Road, Suite200
Skokie, IL 60077
(847) 853-6060


Medicare patients should visit the website below to understand your rights and protections


advance directives

An “Advance directive” is a general term that refers to your oral and written instructions about your future medical care, in the event that you become unable to speak for yourself. Each state regulates the use of advance directives differently. There are two types of advance directives: a living will and a medical power of attorney. If you would like a copy of the Official State advance directive forms, visit Advance Directive English PDF or Advance Directive Spanish PDF

our surgery center’s advance directive policy:

The majority of procedures performed at the Surgery Center are considered to be of minimal risk. Of course, no surgery is without risk. You and your surgeon will have discussed the specifics of your procedure and the risks associated with your procedure, the expected recovery and the care after your surgery.

It is the policy of the Surgery Center, regardless of the contents of any advance directive or instructions from a health care surrogate or attorney in fact, that if an adverse event occurs during your treatment at the Surgery Center, the personnel at the Surgery Center will initiate resuscitative or other stabilizing measures and transfer you to an acute care hospital for further evaluation. At the acute care hospital further treatment or withdrawal of treatment measures already begun will be ordered in accordance with your wishes, advance directive, or health care power of attorney.

I received information on patient rights, patient responsibilities, physician disclosure, advance directive policy and grievance policy at least one day in advance of my surgery.

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